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    Expo 2020 – Global Best Practice Programme – traditional fishermen with cormorants

    Global Best Practice Programme

    Small Steps Big Leaps: Solutions for Sustainable Impact

    Showcasing real solutions to the world’s biggest challenges, The Global Best Practice Programme highlights projects from around the world that have provided impactful and sustainable interventions, with a view to expanding them elsewhere.

    Inspiring Best Practices

    The programme focuses on five areas that are in line with a number of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). Our jury selected 25 projects from 1,175 submissions to our Global Call for proposals. We have also handpicked 20 Untold Stories from around the world, which spotlight community initiatives and stories of impactful solutions for people and the planet.

    Evaluation Committee

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    Our call for best practice proposals that address issues related to COVID-19 is now open and will run until 31 December 2020. We invite individuals, communities, NGOs, start-ups, health workers, businesses, governments and international organisations from around the world to share solutions that address the global health crisis.

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