Expo 2020
Dubai’s lasting

From the moment Dubai won the right to host the 2020 World Expo, planning for the post-Expo site has been a key part of every phase of development to ensure the destination continues to add value to the UAE long after the delivery of an exceptional World Expo.

Now our vision for the post-Expo site has been revealed.

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a lasting

The leadership of Expo 2020 Dubai is committed to building a legacy that is sustainable and long lasting, extending its impact and benefits beyond the UAE to the wider region and the rest of the world. The spirit of the Expo and our theme of ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’ will live on well beyond the six months of Expo 2020 Dubai itself.

Legacy planning has been underway since the earliest stages of Expo preparations, to maximise the opportunities for short, medium, and long-term benefits. The legacy planning framework is comprehensive and designed to ensure that our objectives will achieve maximum impact for the host country, participants, visitors and the wider community.

Our vision is to maximise the opportunity of hosting Expo 2020 Dubai to spur local and regional economic and social development, enhance international perception of the UAE and the Arab world, inspire youth to achieve their potential, and build a cultural footprint in the region.


Expo 2020 Dubai will contribute to economic opportunities in the form of new business generation, GDP growth, and job creation across the region, and we will seek to maximise these benefits throughout the different phases of the Expo.

The cyclical value triggered by the opportunity to host the Expo will support economic diversification and strengthen existing industries in the UAE, and will result in a multiplier effect not only on the national economy, but on the region as well, which will last well beyond 2020.

Recognising the power of the Expo and its role in supporting economic growth regionally and internationally, we are supporting opportunities pre-Expo to help unleash value by nurturing entrepreneurship, and helping start-ups and SMEs to grow and scale to have a positive impact on the regional economy for years to come.

This includes allocating 20% of the Expo’s total direct and indirect spend, representing more than AED 5 billion in contracts, to both local and international SMEs.


In 2016, in an effort to harness the power of collaboration within the entrepreneurship ecosystem, Expo 2020 Dubai partnered with WAMDA – a platform that aims to accelerate entrepreneurship across the MENA region – to unlock opportunities for economic growth under the concept of Collaborative Entrepreneurship.

The initiative seeks to foster partnerships between large corporations and start-ups that would create win-win situations for both, enabling them to continue to innovate, grow and scale. In order to assess the main trends and obstacles for collaboration, an in-depth research report was published setting out recommendations based on the feedback of more than 120 business leaders and 800 start-ups in the region.

Entrepreneurship Toolkit

As a part of the Collaborative Entrepreneurship initiative, a Corporate Toolkit was developed to provide guidance to corporations on the concept. This can be extended to governments and academic institutions in their engagement with start-ups with the aim of unlocking the potential for collaboration and building momentum around a Collaborative Entrepreneurship movement.

Collaborative Entrepreneurship Website


The Expo site will be a springboard for economic and social development, after Expo 2020 Dubai. To this end, we have made a concerted effort to develop our masterplan specifically to create a platform for the future.

Over 80% of assets will be retained and live on as an ecosystem centred around emerging technologies. This could include big data, augmented reality and the internet of things that will support the long-term competitiveness of the UAE’s strategic industries, including logistics and transport, travel and tourism, construction and real estate, and education. It will evolve into a holistic and collaborative ecosystem for corporates,SMEs, and entrepreneurs, where innovation and the cross-pollination of ideas is enabled.

The ecosystem will be complemented by social and cultural elements, such as academic institutions, museums and event spaces, and iconic landmarks, as well as integrated residential communities, hospitality and retail amenities. This will transform it into a vibrant and attractive destination to work, play, live, and learn.


Expo 2020 Dubai will be a celebration of inclusivity, diversity, cultural understanding and cooperation between nations – the elements that form the core of Expo 2020 Dubai’s reputational legacy.

Through the success of hosting the first World Expo to take place in the MEASA region, Expo 2020 and the UAE will showcase our capacity to bring the world together in meaningful collaboration to facilitate the global exchange of ideas, promote deeper mutual understanding across borders and work together to tackle challenges the world faces – embodying our theme of ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’.

Expo 2020 will be a living proof for the world in how diversity is embraced in the UAE and the region.