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    • Theme
      Grenada! Enhancing its environment through the movement of people, culture, products and services.

      Reflecting Grenada’s calm, safe and peaceful lifestyle, with tranquil waters that mirror its relaxed and hospitable people. A country of rich history and culture passed down through generations.

    Country quick facts

    • Nutmeg

      Nutmeg is Grenada’s most popular spice and is even featured on its national flag

    • Investment

      The Grenada Investment Development Corporation (GIDC) facilitates the development of local and foreign business

    • Festivals

      Grenada celebrates a number of festivals including regattas, sailing festivals, carnivals, music and chocolate

    • Did you know?

      Grenada offers diving for all types of divers. The island has an abundance of healthy coral reefs with a diversity of marine life that amazes even seasoned divers. Between the islands of Carriacou and Grenada there are 15 wreck dives for all levels of abilities. They range from shallow water wrecks to huge, deep wrecks. The Bianca C known as the ‘Titanic of the Caribbean’ is a 160-meter long Italian vessel which sank in 1961 and considered an amazing experience for advanced divers.

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