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DP World | Expo 2021

DP World Pavilion

Keeping the world connected through the Power of Flow

  • DP World | Expo 2021

    It is the energy that moves mountains, builds new cities, creates new worlds, drives change, transforms economies, helps us grow, brings forth new generations… It is the Power of Flow.

DP World Quick facts

  • 33.4%

    DP World accounts for 33.4% of Dubai’s GDP

  • 56,000+

    A team of 56,000+ employees from 134 countries

  • 71 million

    Facilitated the movement of 71 million containers in 2019

  • DP World | Expo 2021

    As part of the District 2020 legacy, DP World Flow Pavilion will be transformed into a permanent faculty dedicated to logistical excellence. A new global hub of education and innovation – keeping trade flowing forever.