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Tolerance & Inclusivity Week | Expo 2020 Dubai

Tolerance & Inclusivity Week

Fostering a greater common understanding among people and societies

17 November session

18 November session

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    Date & Time 17 November | 12:00 - 16:30 GST 18 November | 12:00 - 18:30 GST
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    Duration 11 Hours
    • Hear from accessibility pioneers, people of determination and indigenous voices
    • Reimagine how social spaces, physical environments and modes of storytelling can be more inclusive and foster greater multiculturalism and co-existence
How can we work together as global citizens to foster greater common understanding for more inclusive societies?

With 7.8 billion people on our planet, we put the spotlight on perspectives and conversations about multiculturalism, co-existence and interfaith understanding, accessibility, cultural relativism, inclusive dialogue and more.

Highlights you can expect

World Majlis | Business Unusual
Fewer people are living in poverty today than any other time in history, but inequalities in income and access to opportunities are at their widest ever. What would it take to make the transition to a fairer, more human-centred, economic system? Find out in this round-table discussion between leading policymakers, business and thought leaders.

Accessibility Spotlight: The Value of Difference
While we are all innately different, we all have the need to belong. Making sure we leave no one behind, our conversation explores personal and professional experiences of people of determination and those who work closely with them on how to foster truly meaningful inclusion.
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