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Expo 2020 | Emiratisation Programme

Expo Emiratisation Programme

Where UAE nationals can play pivotal roles in delivering The World’s Greatest Showcase of human brilliance and achievement

Expo 2020 Dubai
2020 年迪拜世博会诸多岗位正虚位以待,您或许正是我们翘首期盼的人才。

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    阿联酋国民将迎来众多绝佳机会,让自己成为该国未来 50 年历史的造就者之一

  • Expo 2020 | Icons


  • Expo 2020 | Icons


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  • Expo 2020 | Emiratisation Programme

    Are you a government or institutional employee in the UAE who’s looking to share your skills and work on projects within Expo 2020? There are various roles and assignments available for you.

  • Expo 2020 | Emiratisation Programme

    Are you a UAE national who’s completed National Service, has a strong command of English, and a holder of a bachelor’s degree? Join a comprehensive six-week training programme to learn how to lead, operate and deliver mega events. After graduating from the programme, you’ll be assigned to entry level operation and management roles within Expo 2020, where you can learn on the job.

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  • Salem

    Crafted specifically for People of Determination, you’ll have access to development opportunities in exploratory roles across different functions in Expo 2020. This will result in full-time employment at Expo or externally. There are also craftsmanship initiatives that could help you learn a different skill and serve as future career base for you.

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  • Expo 2020 | Expo Academy

    Are you an Emirati undergraduate or a recent graduate looking for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tap into the minds of the world’s most talented professionals? Experience what it’s like to stage a global mega event through an internship with Expo 2020. Undergraduate placements are based on your university requirements while new graduate internships last up to three months.

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    您是否初出茅庐并热衷策划打造难忘的体验?申请参加“活动策划”项目,开启您的职业生涯,届时您将能够加入我们的团队,担任重要的客户体验角色,包括主持、主题设计和学校集体参观导游等。迎接挑战,在第一线自豪地代表阿联酋迎接数百万参观者,协助他们探索为期 6 个月的 2020 年世博会,尽享趣味丰富的精彩体验。这次难得的机会面向应届毕业生和即将于 2020 年毕业的学生开放。