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    الزيارة بصحبة الأطفال

    إكسبو 2020 دبي وجهة عالمية لجميع الأعمار! من أجل زيارة سلسة لا تُنسى، نوفر مجموعة من الخدمات للعائلات التي تتضمن رضّعا وأطفالا.

    • Special rates for children
      Special rates for children

      Free access, with unlimited entries for the entire 6 months of Expo, is available for kids and youth under 18, tertiary and higher education students, seniors 60 years and above, and people of determination (+1 companion at half price)

    • Parks playgrounds and family areas
      Parks, playgrounds and family areas

      Rest your feet while the kids play and run free.

    • Kid Friendly Activities
      Kid-friendly activities

      Be delighted by interactive exhibits, activities and workshops, and a world of extraordinary possibilities.

    • Childrens menus and family-friendly dining options
      Children’s menus and family-friendly dining options

      There’s no such thing as a picky eater with our menus.

    • Stroller Wheelchair Rental
      Stroller/wheelchair rentals

      Strollers and wheelchairs (manual and electric) are available for rent at Information Points, which are located by the four main entrance gates and throughout the Expo 2020 site.

    • people mover
      Expo people mover

      Our people mover is a free and unticketed bus system that runs around the perimeter of the Expo site and is fully accessible for families with baby strollers.

    • gulf buggies
      Golf buggies

      We have a limited number of golf buggies available for hire at each of the four main entrance gates.

    • Family toilets breastfeeding rooms and changing facilities
      Family toilets, breastfeeding rooms and changing facilities

      In our Visitor Centres, we have dedicated family toilets, breastfeeding rooms equipped with bottle-warming facilities, and changing and shower facilities in all male/female restrooms.

    • quiet rooms
      Quiet rooms and accessibility facilities

      Learn about the accessibility features we provide, including quiet rooms, storage of medicine and special products, and areas for service dogs.

    • First Aid
      First aid

      If anyone begins to feel ill or needs medical assistance, please visit one of our seven First Aid posts. All staff are equipped to provide visitors with the necessary care in an emergency.

    • Meeting point for lost children
      Meeting point for lost children

      If your kid becomes separated from you, they’ll be escorted to the nearest Information Point. Our staff at any Information Point can help let you know if your child has been located, so you can be reunited.

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