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    University Programme-Hero 1920x1080

    Expo University Programme

    Broaden horizons and indulge curiosity through a once-in-a-lifetime learning and cultural experience
    Virtual Expo Dubai OpenExternal
    Make the world their classroom
    As leaders and faculties of UAE universities, you want your students to experience the ultimate learning ground.

    With 192 countries showcasing the best they have to offer in one awe-inspiring location, university students will get a once-in-a-lifetime educational experience at Expo 2020. Through three-day educational programmes centred around five topics, students will connect with experts, explore different career paths, and discover how, collaboratively, we can build solutions for a brighter future.
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      Five curated educational tours
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      Dedicated tour guide
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      Expert talks & hands-on learning
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      Certificate of participation
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      Immersive learning experiences
    Curated educational programmes
    The programme will provide remarkable real-life case studies of the latest inter-disciplinary ideas, complementing and enriching existing curricula.
    • University ProgrammeArts Architecture  Design800x450
      Arts, Architecture & Design

      Expo 2020 is bringing together some of the world’s greatest artists, architects and designers. Let contemporary masterpieces in a world-class creative playground inspire you during this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

    • University ProgrammeBusiness  Entrepreneurship800x450
      Business & Entrepreneurship

      Now more than ever, businesses and entrepreneurs must work together to create positive change around the world. Explore how these changemakers strategise to deliver the most meaningful impact in their communities, companies and countries.

    • University ProgrammeEngineering  Construction800x450
      Engineering & Construction

      Discover how engineering and construction are being revolutionised by sustainable practices, digital technologies and new business models. Acquire a fresh appreciation for the built environment and be inspired to contribute to the cities of the future.

    • University ProgrammeInnovation  Technology800x450
      Innovation & Technology

      Experience the most exciting technologies and groundbreaking innovations the world has to offer, from 5G to AI and green tech, and take a glimpse into the future you can help build.

    • University Programme_Sustainability_800x450

      Our planet is the home that connects us all and collective action is required to address the issue of sustainability. Be part of the conversation, as some of the world's most forward-thinking leaders and environmentalists come together at Expo 2020 to share ideas, best practices, and find creative solutions.

    Learn more about the five educational tours 4.6mb - Last updated 26/10/2021
    Download PDF

    Note: This form is for education professionals only. If you are a student, please share the form link with your institution to participate.

    If you are a UAE school for students from kindergarten to high school, please visit the Expo School Programme website.