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    Children wearing their school uniform, walking in a circle around a beautiful landscaped garden with a water fountain

    Social development

    When people have access to reliable and affordable healthcare and education, it provides the social mobility they need to break the cycle of poverty and achieve a higher quality of life.

    Take a closer look at our best practices

    • The Citizen Foundation
      Education For All, The Citizens Foundation | Pakistan
      Creating agents of positive change

      The Citizens Foundation hires female teachers and principals to provide quality education for out-of-school women and children, especially girls, in Pakistan’s rural and slum communities.

      The Citizens Foundation website
    • WaterAid Nepal
      Hygiene Promotion, WaterAid Nepal | Nepal
      Saving lives by changing behaviour

      WaterAid Nepal provides access to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) services to children during routine immunisation by training female community health volunteers to facilitate hygiene sessions.

      WaterAid Nepal website
    • UNDP
      SDG Camps, UNDP | Tunisia
      Youths solving SDG challenges

      UNDP's SDG Camps bring together youths to brainstorm development challenges, providing them with tools and incentives to design and implement innovative solutions.

      Tunisia SDG website
    • Ayzh India
      Janma Clean Birth Kit, ayzh | India
      Essential supplies for safe births

      ayzh creates maternal healthcare products, including a $3 Clean Birth Kit in a Purse, to equip healthcare workers with essential supplies, skills, and confidence needed to provide a clean and safe birth.

      Ayzh website
    • Sightsavers
      Protecting Sight, Sightsavers | Nigeria
      Fighting diseases with mobile phones

      Sightsavers' app, the Global Trachoma Mapping Project (GTMP), gathers robust data on where treatment programmes for Neglected Tropical Diseases will be most effective.

      Sightsavers website

    Find out about the projects from our Untold Stories

    • A group of women in Latin America happily working on laptops
      Bootcamp for Women, Laboratoria | Peru
      Tech bootcamp for women

      Laboratoria works to change the futures of thousands of women in Latin America through their bootcamp for women who want to become Web Developers and User Experience Designers.

      Laboratoria website
    • A group of mental health clinicians attending a training by the Carter Center in Liberia
      Mental Health in Liberia, The Carter Center | Liberia
      Supporting psychosocial health in Liberia

      The Carter Center created a health division of over 250 locally trained and credentialed mental health clinicians to address the psychological effects of Liberia's Ebola crisis.

      Carter Center website
    • A teacher providing guidance to a class of children learning using tablets
      ProFuturo (a programme of Telefonica Foundation and "La Caixa" Foundation) | Spain
      Narrowing the education gap through quality digital education

      This digital education programme provides teacher training and addresses other key elements to achieve educational quality for children from vulnerable backgrounds across Latin America, The Caribbean, Africa and Asia.

      ProFuturo website
    • A group of children sitting in a circle, each learning on their own laptops
      Personalised Learning in Schools, Alef Education | UAE
      Transforming the education sector

      Alef Education uses Artificial Intelligence to provide personalised learning experiences and individualised instruction for all students, so that they can learn at their own pace, anytime and anywhere.

      Alef Education website

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