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    • Country Moldova
    • arch
      Architect Thematic District Pavilion
    • loc
      Location Mobility District
    • daysDesktop
      • Closed 10:00 - 22:00
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      Business and Entrepreneurship

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      Innovation and Technology

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      Country Pavilions and Exhibitions

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    Moldova: A place to find yourself

    The Moldova Pavilion is dedicated to the country brand 'Tree of Life', which tells about the country from the perspective of five areas: 'Discover', 'Taste', 'Invest', 'Craft' and 'Wine'.

    Quick facts

    • 33,846 sqkm

      The least explored destination in Europe, according to Lonely Planet

    • Top 10: National Geographic and Winerist

      Top 10 places worth more travelers and top 10 destinations for wine and gastronomic tourism

    • Black soils and largest village

      Moldova has the most fertile soils in the world and Congaz is the largest village in Europe

    • Walnut producer

      In 2017, Moldova ranked 7th among world walnut producers

    • Moldova-Didyouknow-800x450
      Did you know?

      During the times of the Soviet Union, Moldova produced food for astronauts. Here, unique technologies and methods of production and storage of fruit and berry products were developed.

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