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    Philippines Pavilion

    Presenting a creative and compassionate nation

    Virtual Expo Dubai OpenExternal
    • Country Philippines
    • arch
      Architect Budji Layug+Royal Pineda
    • loc
      Location Jubilee
    • daysDesktop
      • Closed 10:00 - 23:00
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    Bangkóta: Philippine coral reef

    The natural, organic shape of the Bangkóta (coral reef) draws you into defined, free-flowing, open spaces, reflecting a culture that embraces openness, meaningful encounters, and connectivity.

    Quick facts

    • Biggest Philippines Pavilion

      1,386 sqm on a 3,163.25 sqm lot, the biggest the Philippines has showcased in any Expo

    • 700,000 Filipinos in the UAE

      A strong, natural audience base of overseas Filipinos in the UAE

    • Philippine creative economy in focus

      A platform for globally-recognised and up-and-coming Filipino creative minds and talents

    • Philippines-Didyouknow-800x450
      Did you know?

      Bangkóta is 'coral reef' in old Tagalog, one of the 175 Austronesian languages in the Philippines. It updates knowledge about the country by poetically articulating the Filipino as coral reef—sea-oriented and globally connected—thriving in vibrant communities everywhere in the world. From the ocean-voyaging Austronesians to the Filipinos of today, they were and still are connected by the world's oceans—a 4,000-year journey of cultural sustainability.

      Bangkóta is the story of every Filipino.

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