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    • Country Serbia
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      Architect A3 Architects Studio
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      Location Mobility District
    • daysDesktop
      • Closed 10:00 - 23:00
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      Country Pavilions and Exhibitions

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      Food and Beverage

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      Innovation and Technology

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    Creating ideas inspired by the past and shaping the future

    Serbia creates ideas! We celebrate 7,000 years of creativity and innovation on Serbian territory while shaping the future through our leading position in the world of innovation.

    Quick facts

    • Land Area

      Serbia’s land area covers 88,361sqkm, similar to Hungary or Jordan

    • Cultural Diversity

      Serbia is home to 6.9 million people from 26 ethnic groups speaking 11 languages

    • First Expo Appearance

      Serbia took part in the World Exhibition for the first time in Antwerp, Belgium in 1885

    • Digital transformation

      Serbia is the Silicon Valley of the Balkans, producing top-notch tech talent

    • Serbia-Didyouknow-800x450
      Did you know?

      Only 5% of human history has involved city living. Urbanism began over 7,000 years ago at Vinča, on the territory of modern Serbia. Vinča changed the way all of humanity lived, survived and thrived, sparking an explosion of creativity, innovative technology, trade and peaceful coexistence. The striking angled roof of the Serbian Pavilion is inspired by the pitched roofs of Neolithic Vinča. Our Pavilion is a time capsule of humanity’s future, with digitisation, AI and VR at its heart.

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